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Principal Message

Education is the greatest gift that one can receive. Education is not just books- it is building up of character, sowing seeds of value, empathy, equity and integrity. It is laying down of a sound foundation for a firm society and offering opportunities to all. Education is fundamental to all round development and human excellence.

The technology has revolutionalised the education system and has put a lot of pressure in the content and context of curriculum. In todays prospective an effective school has to respond to these challenges timely and appropriately, so as to make our children a competent learner today and a meaningful and empowered citizen tomorrow, who should be a good human- being, emotionally stable, intellectually vibrant, spiritually enlightened and socially committed.

Preparing our children to face an era of changing world by equipping them with required skills is our earnest effort at S.G.R.R Race Course. The school is providing quality education at a nominal cost. Academics have always been on top priority of our school and our students have been constantly doing well since it’s inception till date. Even this year many students achieved C.G.P.A/Grade point-10. Sky is the only limit for our academicians. Our students are qualifying prestigious competition like I.I.T medical entrance and N.D.A. Many of our students are working abroad and within country pursuing professions like engineering, medicine and armed forces besides hotel – management and fashion –designing. When we see our delightful students coming back to school to meet us, we feel as if all the moulding that has gone in the school once the years and is still going on, has been worth the effort made.

In order to have all round development of students, we have many activities like sports, debate, elocution, G.K Quiz, Dramatics, singing and dance etc. The school is continuously working for betterment of students, to identify their abilities and convert these abilities into strength.

It has opened the path of success. Moreover the school has grown up in to hearts and minds of many, in the life and deeds of many, in the vision and mission of many and this will go on without a point of saturation.

Mrs. Prathibha Attri