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Chairman Message

True education aims at building up an integrated personality, simultaneous and harmonious growth of body and mind, the senses and the spirit. Education opens the doors and windows of the mind to new and dynamic ideas.

Teachers are expected to be the 'Role Model' for the students. It is impressed upon them that the students are to be prepared not only for career but also to be inspired to cultivate and develop right values in order to produce good and responsible citizens. Consequently, it will make an ideal society and the life of every individual will be blissful.

Youth have an impressionable mind which needs to be carefully and moulded with elements like character building, integrity and innovativeness. It has been on this very philosophy that the chain of Shri Guru Ram Rai Public Schools have been working with great endeavour and perseverance over the decades.

(Shri Mahant Devendra Dass)